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At an early age Tomas Verde found himself comfortable working with tools in his hands and creativity took flight.  He got his first real tool box for his fourth birthday.  Tomas confidently worked his way through the trades in a family business until his inspiration to explore new territory brought him to the US Virgin Islands.  During his six years two months & four days in the Caribbean he got a impactful taste of art department work.  His desire for a bigger pie to bite drove him to NYC where he honed his skills in shops & on set.   Eager to have the best of both worlds, a busy production industry & a warm climate he forged towards Los Angeles.

From 1997-2006 Tomas found a lucrative entry into LA in the Southern Californian real estate market.  He renovated numerous properties managing an investment company, before getting his real estate license, starting an investment/brokerage office selling & flipping a few dozen properties.  One of his projects, a unique Venice Craftsman-Loft Hybrid renovation, was showcased on HGTV.

Ensconsed deeply in the LA art scene Tomas merged several long term goals, his desire to contribute, & his extensive real estate background in CATALYST.  He founded this thriving & successful interactive artist collective, through the iZO Foundation, to assist artists in developing successful creative paths, which guided Tomas himself back into the production world.

As an experienced Art Director he knows the importance of clearly interpreting a director’s vision and anticipating their needs while keeping within the producer’s budget. Passionate about the creative process he understands that resolving conflicting agendas is often part of the job.  Tomas is all hands on, has an extensive kit, talented crew & a wealth of creative resources.  He is just as comfortable building for other art directors as he is running the art department.  Having been all over LA he developed a strong knowledge of the local prop/rental houses, vendors & specialty shops.  Through his keen understanding of his role, his talent is in the ability to stimulate moods, balance elements, & contrast features while paying attention to detail.

This ever optimistic Mr Verde equally enjoys the challenge of small jobs & large scale projects alike, collaborating with other creative’s and working closely with clients.  In his spare time he is either found at LUCKY 13 making interactive art & machines to share with the world, at a creative event or on a dance floor.

How can Tomas Verde & LUCKY 13 Creative help your next project come to life?

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