LUCKY 13 Creative is a well-equipped, fabrication shop, poised to meet your unique project needs. We can work off detailed plans, drawings or specifications, a CAD file or help you develop your concept from a napkin sketch. We work well with almost any materials: all metals (steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, copper), wood, plastic, fiberglass, reclaimed materials, natural fibers, synthetic fabric, foam, glass, or any combination of these.

LUCKY 13 builds custom “stuff”: props, scenery & flats, oversized objects, furniture & cabinetry, custom motorized vehicles, robotics, LED lighting projects, signage, masks & costumes, fiberglass & plastic parts (one off or quantity), reproductions, break-a-ways, & electronics.

Other services: CNC milling, vacu-forming, laser cutting & engraving, LARGE scale inflatable objects, plasma cutting, water jet, mold making & casting, sand blasting & powder coating, robotics & 3D printing.
Basically we can make anything. We cut, shape, glue, weld, screw, sew, nail, sand, fasten, paint, grind, pop rivet, hang, match, electrify, program, test & install.

LUCKY 13 Creative has over 15 years of experience making sure our clients are happy with our work and utilize a strong base of highly skilled freelance artists, craftspeople designers & engineers, to ensure reasonable prices. Not just entertainment projects: we work with architects, designers, & retailers, inventors, artists, or home owners and are ready to design or build what ever you like.

You dream it, we make it.

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